Saturday, April 19, 2008

DAY 4!!!

I am so happy it is SATURDAY! That means I can sleep past 4:45am tomorrow morning!!! I ran again, and I did run 1 mile. And then another 33 minutes of cardio. The cardio is going great, I am feeling more confident in my routine, and excited to start my "program" on Monday! Also added some push-ups, and sit-ups to the routine today, with a TON of stretching! This is key!!! I can't find the camera yet, but I will say, I am so jazzed to show you a picture, then be able to post again my weight, inches, and a new picture in 4 weeks! I've decided 2 things: ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING, and so is what you put in your mouth! Isn't that interesting! Enjoy your Saturday as I will mine! I will be back after a wonderful weekend, ready to go on Monday!


Erika Quaife said...

I am delighted that I am listed as one of your inspirations, although not sure as of why I am, but hey, I'll take it.:) Good luck on your workouts and on your running. If it's worth anything, I will give a tidbit of advice. I wouldn't run everyday, you may get burned out-- and that is the worst thing that could happen. Don't you love waking up that early:) I recently switched my workout time from 3:45 pm to 4:45 am. It's nice to be done before I go to school...and I can spend more time with Allan.
Anyhow, if you get bored with the same old thing... start biking (have you seen my blog lately:) I LOVE TO ROADBIKE!

Jen said...

Thank you for the advice! I am not running everyday- thank goodness. Just MWF. I do pilates on Tuesdays, and spin class on Thursday! Wish me luck! Can't wait to see you!