Thursday, April 17, 2008


I did it this morning! I ran 1 mile, I know major accomplishment!!! WAHOO!!! I told myself last night, you are doing it, no excuses- and voila! It felt amazing. I stretched really good last night because of my tree trunk legs, I thought it might help. And it did! I ran my 1 mile, then I walked another 3/4 of a mile. Next, elliptical. Another 1.5 miles on that baby. It was a great morning. I am now a firm believer that rest and sleep have everything to do with it. I was asleep by 10:15 last night, and up at 4:45 a.m. again. I don't feel tired, and I am excited for the day! I don't know what it is about working out at the GYM, but it motivates me, and makes me ALIVE! I am going to now extend my workouts from 5 am-6:45 am. This will give me time to warm up, lift 3 days a week, do my cardio, then stretch. I am feeling like me again, and I love it! 86 days left to be beach ready, and I know that I will be ready!!!

Pointers for the day:
  • Make sure to have a goal. I have my goal written down, not just size and weight, but also what my achievements are as far as my "exercise routine".
  • For weight loss: Drink your water- lots of it! If you are eating lots of processed foods, try to eat a fruit/vegi before eating that donut or whatever you have.
  • Track your food with a food journal. This is a timely requirement, but if you realize how much you are eating, when you are eating, and why you are eating- you will solve a lot of your problems from the get go. Also, write down how you feel- lame I know, but studies, (love that word) show that the majority of obesity and "overeating" stems from your emotions and stress! TRY THAT ON FOR SIZE!!!
  • BE POSITIVE! Change your outlook on your body image, food, and overall, your life. There is always someone who is cuter, bigger/thinner, and has worse problems than you do. SO GET OVER IT OR SHALL I SAY, GET OVER YOURSELF!!! We are our own worst enemy, if you can change your outlook, you will change!!! Be inspiring, think positive, and surround yourself with the positive!!!
I've been doing some reading about running, and boy, have I got a way to go. Education is key! I will be posting some running tips tomorrow, along with a fabulous Jamaican Jerk Salmon recipe that I am dying to try! And yes, the picture is on its way! Not proud of it, but proud to be doing something about it!


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