Friday, April 18, 2008


I am ready to post a pix, but I can't find my camera! I will look today and make sure I have one posted tonight!

Day 3, rocked!!! I ran 1 mile again, and so excited about it! Did a full 45 minutes of cardio, abs, and lots of stretching! I am putting together my training schedule for next week, and I am excited for this! Weight training, interval training, running, pilates, and cycle class! I can't wait!

My eating plan is going awesome as well. I am off of sugar, soda (yes, diet coke!), and white flour. My body isn't going too crazy without it. I've been eating dried fruit, fruits and vegi's, and I am staying away from most processed/packaged foods. I am not going totally away from homemade treats, but I am definitely being careful.

I feel great! I will be putting my stats (weight) up when I am 4 weeks into my program, like I said, not proud now, but won't be embarassed then!!!

Til then!

Have a fabo day! Look tonight for the photo- scary larry!

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