Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Good Morning everyone! Starting off today just ducky! I am going to start spotlighting a few guests here and there, and the first one will be my sister-in-law, Michelle. Michelle emailed me last night, and I am just going to post the email she sent me! She is an amazing mom of 3, she has had her ups and downs in life just like the rest of us- here is her story!

Hi Jen,

Here's my weight goals. Thanks for asking me to do this. It is good motivation as I looked at my weight chart for this year, I recommitted myself to finishing my personal challenge. Feel free to use any of what I wrote (or none at all).

Love ya,


Title: Cheerleaders!!

Cheerleaders, we all need them; sometimes they are our husbands, children, family members, friends or even someone random (aka Jillian from Biggest Loser). At least in my life I’ve found that I need someone in my “corner” cheering me on. Why? I’m not sure. Maybe my, “I can do it myself” attitude has worn off over the years.

My biggest struggle is my weight and staying focused on getting healthy…. There’s always tomorrow, right? It’s not about being skinning or HOT!! (I’m so beyond that point). For me, it’s about being healthy; it’s about being active with my family. It’s about leading by example.

So with all that said, I need some “cheerleaders”. I stepped on my bathroom scale on January 2, 2008 – knowing the number would be awful. My clothes, which were size 24 at the time, we getting tight – not a good sign. So putting aside my pride I’m sharing with everyone the TRUE numbers. On that life-changing day, I weighed in at 274 pounds. (Super-duper fat, believe me I know)…. Then and there I decided to make a change, as I looked at myself in the mirror (with tears of disappointment rolling down my face) I told myself, you can lose 100 pounds this year! Believe in yourself, you can do this. That "personal" conversation still plays through my mind today.

The first month I changed our eating habits and lost weight – over the next few months I would bounce from 274-266. In March 08 – my family (great cheerleaders - love ya all!) started a “Carpenter Biggest Loser” good motivation, good cheerleaders, and great competition. I started running/walking in May with a very special friend – again, another great cheerleader. In July we had our official weigh-in at our beach house in Carlsbad , California . I was the WINNER!! I lost the most weight and now weighted 230. Great motivation to continue, right!! You’d think. But about this time, I fell off the wagon. In fact, I totaled the wagon and now I’m working from a new one. Although I didn’t gain everything back I have gained more than I would of liked to.

As of today, October 6th 2008 – my current weight is 241.2 and my goal to lose 100 pounds by the end of 2008 will not be easy at this point. It WILL take a lot of commitment, encouragement, accountability, and yes…. Cheerleaders.

I hope to share with everyone my journey – the highs and lows over the next 86 days and hopefully 67 pounds of weight loss. I WILL do this. My day for change has come, it is now…..

GOAL at Weigh-in:

10/13 – 234

10/20 – 229

10/27 – 224

11/03 – 219

11/10 – 214

11/17 – 209

11/24 – 204

12/01 – 199

12/08 – 194

12/15 – 189

12/22 – 184

12/29 – 179

1/5/09 – 174

Good luck MIchelle! I know you can do this, you have come so far already!!!!

Our first goal besides the numbers on the scale is to run 2 miles straight on a treadmill by November 1st! Anyone who'd like to join us, please drop us a comment!

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