Monday, September 29, 2008


WoW! What a crappy week! I am still posting though! I've got to get with it! No excuses, other than I didn't work out and I ate like CRAP!

Weight: 205.6

Gained 5.3 lbs. this last week (that sucks!)

I am posting new goals later on in the week. I need to make a realistic goal FOR Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then for Valentine's. These are going to be my goal marks. I am also going to do my measurements, and I will post each Monday morning my weight, and measurements. I will posts todays, tomorrow, cuz I need to have Bry do those for accuracy!

You know how sometimes we can't figure out why people can't stop drinking, smoking, or picking their nails, or other weird, bad habits... well I think I have an EATING PROBLEM! Not a real laughing matter, cuz like any of the other things, I look like I eat too much. I may not have yellow teeth from smoking , but my bad habit shows in what I look like as well!

Tonight I will journal what I eat, how I felt, and where I struggled... There is an obvious reason my blog is titled what it is, THIS IS DEFINATELY MY PERSONAL TRIAL!

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